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Okmulgee.ME Vision

The Okmulgee.ME Vision consists of all of the people who make and support the Okmulgee County area.

Our mission is to provide educational and informative insight through video presentations off all types of digital programming.

The core values of this site are:

  • Freedom
  • Equality
  • Trust
  • Community
  • Collaboration
  • Inspiration

In our vision, we see:

  • People collaborating in their communities and sharing around the world
  • A community that is enjoyable and rewarding to participate in
  • A project that is socially responsible

This site will not be its best without the support of people like you who live, work and play in the Okmulgee County community.  This is why we need you to keep us informed of what's happening in your neighborhood and tell us what YOU want to know about.